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Who we are

WhoWeAreHertfordshireWebsiteCaritas SED Galle……is the Diocesan Centre for Social and Economic Development in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Caritas SED Galle..……is a member of the National Caritas Network of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka which is a partner of the International Caritas Network of the Universal Catholic Church - Caritas Internationalis.

Caritas SED Galle..…. therefore reflects the Social Mission of the Church and the following core Values…
Dignity: We see the poor as dignified human beings, not hopeless objects of pity, and we work with them to build a better future for themselves.

Justice: We believe you cannot make a gift of something a person should already have by right. We challenge economic, social, political and cultural structures opposed to a just society.

Solidarity: We work to enhance solidarity with the poor, seeing the world through their eyes, and recognizing the interdependence of humanity. 
Stewardship: We believe the planet and all its resources are entrusted to humankind and seek to act in an environmentally responsible way as true stewards of creation.