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Who we are

WhoWeAreHertfordshireWebsiteCaritas SED Galle……is the Diocesan Centre for Social and Economic Development in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Caritas SED Galle..……is a member of the National Caritas Network of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka which is a partner of the International Caritas Network of the Universal Catholic Church - Caritas Internationalis.

Caritas SED Galle..…. therefore reflects the Social Mission of the Church and the following core Values…
Dignity: We see the poor as dignified human beings, not hopeless objects of pity, and we work with them to build a better future for themselves.

Justice: We believe you cannot make a gift of something a person should already have by right. We challenge economic, social, political and cultural structures opposed to a just society.

Solidarity: We work to enhance solidarity with the poor, seeing the world through their eyes, and recognizing the interdependence of humanity. 
Stewardship: We believe the planet and all its resources are entrusted to humankind and seek to act in an environmentally responsible way as true stewards of creation.

Vision and Mission

visionmissionvaluesOur Vision

Realization of a Just Society based on Gospel Values of Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Unity, Equality and Justice Lived, Promoted, and Protected Irrespective of Race, Caste, and Religion in the Catholic Diocese
of the Southern Province.

Our Mission
To Organize and Empower the Marginalized and the Under privileged People to take Decisions for their own Destinies.

Our Partners

The following funding partners have generously contributed towards the upliftment of the most vulnerable and the underprivileged people in the Southern Province, especially in the implementation of the Rehabilitation Projects for the tsunami victims.


  1. Caritas Internationalis                                                
  2. Catholic Relief Services – CRS                                 
  3. Caritas International Belgium                                    
  4. Trocaire                                                                      
  5. Caritas Canada                                                           
  6. Caritas Spain (Caritas Espanola)                                
  7. Cord aid (Caritas Netherlands)
  8. Caritas France (Secours Catholique)
  9. Caritas Mexicana
  10. Caritas Taiwan
  11. Caritas Italiana
  12. Caritas Poland
  13. Caritas Korea
  14. Caritas Sweden
  15. Canadian Embassy
  16. Misseriore Germany
  17. Caritas Italiana
  18. Caritas Poland
  19. Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC

Caritas SED Galle wishes to record its Gratitude and Appreciation for their Commitment and generous Contribution.

Working Principles

Throughout its history, Caritas SED Galle has been guided by the following principles:


  • Working with the poorest and most vulnerable groups irrespective of race, caste, and religion;
  • Developing and strengthening community organizations;
  • Empowering people and communities;
  • Building social and technical capacity;
  • and Ensuring sustainability through cost sharing and community inputs.


SED galle Structure


Download this Organigram

Caritas SED Galle initiated its social and development services in the south in the year 1978, the services of the organization was restricted with its limited human resources, capacity and infrastructure facilities.

The incident that took place on the 26th December, 2004 i.e. tsunami devastation changed the existing systems and was linked SED Galle with other sister Caritas agencies in the island as well as with the international Caritas sister agencies. Since then SED Galle as a service providing organization has reinforced the capacity in working with Caritas Sri Lanka with the support of the Caritas International, to develop an integrated program which addresses the physical and psychosocial needs of the tsunami affected people.

The enhancement of SED Galle’s physical resources as well as the human resources was felt very significant. The necessary measures were taken to build the capacity of SED Galle with the support of Caritas Sri Lanka and the expatriates who were representing the Caritas International soon after the tsunami. The two sub offices for the Districts of Matara and Hambantota under the management of Galle District as well as Provincial office were established to respond to emergency and rehabilitation needs of the tsunami affected people. Catholic relief service of America was assigned as the facilitating partner of the Diocese of Galle in the District of Galle and Hambantota while Caritas Belgium was assigned to the District of Matara. The necessary need assessments were conducted thus the areas of works were identified and prioritized and new qualified staff was recruited together with the existing seven staff.

The new staff were assigned to various departments and each department was supported by an expert expatriate as an advisor for Shelter, Programming, Finance, Procurement and Logistics and the organization built its capacity by developing into various operational departments. A Base Manager representing expatriates from CRS was working hand-in-hand with the SED Galle Provincial Coordinator who were answerable to the Director and who is answerable to the Bishop of the Diocese.

With the intervention of International Caritas agencies the local names of the Diocesan Centres including Galle was came under the umbrella of Caritas network and started to name SED Galle as Caritas SED Galle.

The Caritas SED Galle developed its operational manuals, policies and set up standards for Finance, Procurement & Logistics, Programming, Construction and Human Resource Management for the better implementation of the programs to achieve organizational objectives. 

Past Directors of Caritas SED Galle

Details of  Directors of Caritas SED Galle
The Diocesan Centre  for Social and Economic Development


Name of the Director
Place of the Office


Rev.Fr.Dudly Attanayaka

1978 - 1982

Dehiowita Parish




Rev.Fr.Paul Fernando


1983 - 1989

Embilipitiya Parish and Kahawatte Parish


Rev.Fr.Damian Fernando

1990 - 1995

Yatiyantota Parish

1995 - Division of the Diocese 


Rev.Fr.Michael Rajendram

Jun 1996 - May 1997

Hiniduma Parish


Rev.Fr.Bernard Fernando

Jun1997 - Feb 1998

Bishop’s House,Galle


Rev.Fr.Nihal Nanayakkara

Mar 1998 - Mar 1999

Bishop’s House,Galle


Rev.Fr.Michael Rajendram

Apr 1999 - Aug 2001

Fort - Galle


Rev.Fr.Nihal Nanayakkara

Sep 2001 - Oct 2001

Fort - Galle


Rev.Fr.Raymond Wickramasinghe

Nov 2001 - Feb 2002

Fort - Galle


Rev.Fr.Herman Fernando

Mar 2002 - Apr 2006

Fort - Galle


Rev.Fr.Damian Arsakularatne

May 2006 - Feb 2012

Fort - Galle


Rev.Fr.Michael Rajendram

Mar 2012 -

Kaluwella - Galle