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Previous Projects


Integral Human Development Project  (IHDP)


This is one of the main projects of Caritas SED Galle under operation to enhance the integral human development through community empowerment in the Southern Province. The project is for the people like who are marginalized, poor, and vulnerable in the province, for giving hope, support & courage in their lives.  And the project includes four main sectors like, livelihood enhancement, disaster mitigation & preparedness, psychosocial services, and building peace & harmony.


Safe Migration Project (SMP)


This is another social work of Caritas SED Galle to ensure respect for the human rights of Sri Lankan migrant workers in their country of origin and the country of destination.  At the moment Caritas has established a successful and professional organization structure for facilitations, providing pre departure services and trainings to migrant workers, and promoting information and services which are related to safe migration. In the same manner the returnee women migrant workers are provided with support and assistance in social and economic reintegration.


Child Protection Policy Programme (CPP)


“Child" generally known as a person younger than the age of majority. At present there are many social attitudes toward children around the world in various cultures, but in many cultures the children are unsafe. Caritas SED Galle is on alert for safeguarding the children from all the worse, unpleasant, and difficult and harm situations in Sri Lanka and to promote the child Protection Policy developed by Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC and to make the public aware of child rights. To educate children of their rights and empower them through various activities and interaction, including skills development, so that they learn to protect their rights and protect themselves from abuse by unjust social force and lead a secure and dignified life.


Women Headed Families (WHF)

This is a new project we have launched, mainly focusing the vulnerable women-headed households in selected 03 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in the 03 Districts of Galle, Matara and Hambantota of the Southern Province (Diocese of Galle)Read More


Relief & Rehabilitation 
In the Southern region of the country people experience severe droughts, periodical floods and exceptional interior landslides in various occasions. Caritas SED Galle responds immediately to bring relief to the affected. During these emergency situations the emphasis is given to the distribution of food and non-food items as well as other essential and basic needs in collaboration with the local government agencies. Read More

Special Project for the Low Income Catholic Households